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So, we are pleased to offer you
  • Engineering - from the development of design and technological documentation to the manufacture, testing of prototypes and certification and implementation
  • Certification - assistance in the field of issuing permits and tests on TR TS 010, 018, 031
  • Programming - software development for solving complex managerial, organizational and calculation tasks
  • Production of samples - we have the opportunity to produce prototypes and small batches of vehicles of various directions, high-tech components such as transmission units, dump bodies, cabs and much more
  • Deliveries of component products - according to your requirements, we will select a proposal that is favorable in price and quality from enterprises and countries with which we have long-term and established relations
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Our projects
Question - answer
What kind of work do you offer for outsourcing?


We offer those jobs where enterprises lack their own resources or the appropriate level of competence. This is the preparation of technical descriptions for certification work, layout and calculation work (using the finite element method and strength of materials method), development of design documentation for installing add-ons on car chassis, cabs, power take-offs and other transmission and drive units, certification testing and testing for durability. We are also ready to consider your proposals and prepare your vision for the organization of outsourcing work.
You offer a Planning program. But the biggest problem in this direction is its implementation. Do you have the opportunity to develop and implement a set of measures in order for Planning to work at our enterprise?


We have experience implementing a planning system in various enterprises. The results are always very good. Increased labor productivity may exceed 30%.
Can you create three-dimensional models from our two-dimensional drawings and update our old drawings?


Yes. This is our usual work, preceding the development of three-dimensional product catalogs.